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Migrating to Health Connect
Migrating to Health Connect
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Google Fit is scheduled to disable developers' access to your health data by the end of 2024. Due to this, Motion will lose the possibility to read your steps and workouts from there as it has been so far.

Google has spent the last few years working hard with Samsung (and others) to develop a much more comprehensive and secure health tool, Health Connect. Health connect will act as a hub for all of your health data, and allow different apps to communicate and share health and fitness data in a standardised manner, with a real focus on privacy, you have complete control to choose what apps get what data!

If you were using Google Fit to track your steps and workouts, you will still be able to do this. However, you will now need to connect via Health Connect, to get this data into Motion.

Installing Health Connect

Devices running Android 14 or higher will have it built in, so you can skip this section.
Devices running Android 13 or lower, can install it from the Google Play Store from this link: Health Connect.

After installation, Health Connect will not appear in your applications list, but fear not, this is expected. Health Connect is a system service, rather than an app, so as long as you had no errors, you should be good to continue.

Connect Google Fit to Health Connect

Open Google Fit application and navigate to your Profile, and from there head into Settings in the top right corner of the screen.

Inside Settings locate the Health Connect settings and flip the little switch to On.

Next tap "Set up" and go through the setup process, allowing all access and tapping “Allow” to confirm your choices. If everything went alright then you should see a confirmation screen saying your Google Fit is now connected.

Enable steps tracking in Google Fit

If you previously had Google Fit connect to motion, we were magically doing this step for you, but won't be able to anymore. You'll need to head into the Google Fit app and manually make sure that Step Tracking is enabled.

Open Google Fit, navigate to your profile, and from there into Settings in the top right corner of the screen.

Once inside Settings, locate the “Track your activities” setting and flip the switch to On. You might be asked for an “Activity Recognition” permission (if you haven't previously granted it), which simply allows Google Fit to access the sensors required for steps tracking to work.


Now Google Fit should be recording your steps, and if you followed all the above too, pushing that data into Health Connect ready for Motion to read!

You should now be ready to head back to the Motion app, and setup Health connect if you haven't already. Don't worry, we've made it much easier for you than this was 😅

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