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Where are my coins for reactions?
Where are my coins for reactions?
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So, you've noticed you're not getting coins for reacting to people's workouts any more, we thought you might...

At the end of the day, everything is an experiment, and in some ways this one succeeded, and in other ways it did not.

What went right?

Engagement increased, a lot. What does that mean? App opens and in-app interactions are up, which is great. You guys are engaging with the app a lot more, and more importantly, you're connecting and engaging with each other more than ever!

So, what went wrong?

Engagement is really more of an "us metric" than a "you metric", and we really want to be optimising things that have a meaningful impact on your lives, rather than on our weekly KPI meetings.

This experiment has been running for quite a while now, and it doesn't seem to be impacting people's physical activity outside of the app.

Whereas, if you take the new challenges feature (which also earns coins) we just launched, in just a few weeks, people participating in challenges have upped their physical activity by an average of 21%. Now that's a real win!

But George, how will I get coins now?

We get it, there are downsides to this too. People needing coins is the main one, but also getting reactions to your workouts is great, you get to know it's been seen.

Will we ever bring it back? Yes probably, but likely in a slightly different form. Perhaps bounties for liking specific workouts to better target attention where it's needed the most, or maybe with some limits in place to help stop hyper-inflation of the motion economy πŸ˜›

Rest assured, we are hard at work on a few big updates, that will introduce a number of brand new and exciting ways for you to earn and spend your coins!

Stay happy and healthy,

The motion team

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