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I didn't get my referral bonus, what can I do?
I didn't get my referral bonus, what can I do?
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If you have recently referred someone to motion, but haven't got your bonus coins yet, there are a few things you can double check:

Are they a new user?

Referral bonuses are only available for referring new users to the app, make sure they didn't already have the app, and signed up from your link. A new user must:

  • Have just signed up fresh to the app.

  • Not already follow anyone else.

  • Have no followers of their own.

Do they follow you?

The referral triggers when a new user follows you, so ask them to double check that they can see your profile in their app.

If they can't see you in their app, ask them to tap your link again on their phone (it sometimes works more reliably after the app is installed and setup), or enter your referral code in their "Add friends" section (don't try to use their link yourself to connect, else that could attribute you to them, and then make the system think they are not a "new user").

They're new, they follow me, still no coins...

Drop us a message on support, with your full name and their's, and we'll have a look into the issue for you.

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