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Can I change my weekly goal?
Can I change my weekly goal?
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Motion calibrates your goal as best it can to your level when you signup. From then on, they dynamically adjust each week to stay at at level that we feel is a good place for you.

The goal moves both ways, so don't worry too much if it jumps up a bit after an active week away, or if it drops off a little after the flu, it should find itself again pretty quickly when you get back to your normal level.

If you still think your goal has moved in error, or isn't re-adjusting to your level fast enough, get in touch and we'll see what we can do. However, we do try not to make any score adjustments unless we believe there has been a bug, in order to keep the system fair for everyone. We are a social app after all, and it wouldn't be right to let some people keep adjusting their score, and rising too easily through the levels.

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