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Can I connect Samsung Watch?
Can I connect Samsung Watch?

Samsung Health and Google Health Connect

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Unfortunately, Samsung closed the door for new development partners for their Samsung Health platform several years ago, so we have been unable to directly integrate with them. However, many of our users have success connecting Samsung Health to Google Fit and Google Fit to motion.

Good news in on the horizon though... In these several years, Google and Samsung have been working closely together to scope and test a new Health Connect platform, hoping to give developers and users a much better streamlined way to securely share health and fitness data.

While still in it's early days, we are working closely with Google to be a part of this new platform, and as soon as we are satisfied that it stable and secure, we'll make it available to motion user's too!

Health Connect has arrived

Health connect had finally arrived, checkout our comprehensive guide on getting it all setup here: Migrating to Health Connect.

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